• Company Law & Secretarial Practices
      Certification Services.
      Due Diligence Reports.
      Secretarial Audits.
      Maintenance of Minutes and other Secretarial/Statutory Records.
      Convening and conducting meetings of Board of Directors, Shareholders etc.
      Arranging various approvals from Government Authorities.
      Company Incorporation Services.
      Change of Name, Registered office & Objects Clause etc.
      Matters pertaining to Oppression & Mismanagement.
      Preparation of search reports.
      Advisory services on matters pertaining to Corporate Disputes.
      Partnership firm Registration.
      Easy Exist Scheme.

  • Foreign Exchange Management Act
      Advice and legal opinions under FEMA.
      Consultation to foreign companies for doing business in India.
      Consultation to Indian companies for doing business with foreign companies.
      Investment strategy for foreign companies.
      Identification of suitable partners (Indian and Foreign) for seeking ventures.
      Assistance in such partner negotiations.
      Required approvals for FDI from Government Agencies like RBI, FIPB etc..
      Compliances under FEMA.
      Processing applications under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA).

  • Limited Liability Partnership
      LLP incorporation.
      LLP Conversion.
      Change in LLP agreements.

  • Legal Advisory & Representation
      Shifting of registered office.
      Compounding of offense.
      Condonation of delay.
      Oppression and Mismanagement petitions.

  • Intellectual Property Rights
      Registering Trade Marks, Copyrights and patents.
      Assignment,Licensing,Transfer of Trade marks and Copyrights.
      Representation before statutory authority for infringement etc..
      Drafting agreements such as Assignment agreement, exclusive/non exclusive license agreement, technology transfer agreement,franchisee agreement, software development agreement etc..
      Anti- piracy/ counterfeit measures.

  • Human Resource & Labour Law
      We design various Human Resource Department Policies and draft Employee Manual.
      Suggestions on manpower planning,induction,training,performance appraisal, exit interviews and documentation related to HR Department.
      Conducting Corporate Trainings as per the requirements of the Company.
      Setting up of a compliance system for ensuring regular compliances of Labour Laws applicable to a Company.
      Consultancy/Monitoring on provisions of various Labour Laws applicable to a Company.
      Guidance on maintenance of various Labour Law registers and returns.
      Representation before legal and regulatory authorities / third parties with respect to matters relating to compliances under Labour Laws.
      We conduct exhaustive compliance audit under Labour Laws of an organization.
      Various Registrations and Licenses required under Labour Laws and Factories Act.

  • XBRL Filing under one roof
    The Firm has successfully implemented XBRL filing for listed and other eligible corporates. To facilitate XBRL filing under one roof, the Firm has capable infrastructure in the form of:
      Software Tools,Information Technology Support & well trained staff & professionals.

    The Firm's services include:
      Data Input.
      Conversion, Validation & Prescrutiny.
      Certification & Filing.

  • Corporate Governance - Advice & support
    Corporate Governance is the key to proper management of the business of a company. A certain proper level of Corporate Governance, at least, is essential for the sustainable growth of the company. Indian laws provide a framework for Corporate Governance based on a mix of 'mandatory' and 'voluntary' compliances. Listed Public Companies have to fulfill some mandatory Corporate Governance compliances while unlisted companies can voluntarily choose to fulfill certain compliances in their own interest.

    The Firm offers to help and guide both categories of companies in ensuring that they fulfill their respective Corporate Governance commitments. These services are in the form of:

      Advising on the composition of the Board of Directors, Audit Committee and other committees.
      Expressing opinion on the interpretation of the SEBI Corporate Governance Code.
      Assisting in drafting the various codes required under Corporate Governance Code.
      Attending meetings of the Board and Audit Committee of listed public limited companies.
      Assisting in periodical Corporate Governance compliance and audit.
      Preparing Corporate Governance Reports.
      Consultancy on matters arising during implementation of the Companies Act, 1956.

  • SEBI Matters & IPO - Advice & support
    For companies incorporated and / or doing business in India or those listed or going in for a listing on the Stock Exchange, there are certain specific guidelines, rules and compliances required to be adhered to under the jurisdiction of the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

    The Firm has an experienced team to advice and help clients in the execution of these statutory requirements. These services offered by the Firm are broadly of the following nature:

      IPO - Advisory & Support.
      Co-ordination in respect of Initial Public Offering (IPO) by a company.
      Compliances under Investor Protection Rules.
      Advice & compliances under the SEBI Takeover Regulations.
      Advice & compliances under the SEBI Insider Trading Regulations.
      Statutory Advice & Opinions on SEBI matters.
      Compliance under Listing Agreement.

  • Restructuring - Merger, De-merger & Takeover
    Corporate Restructuring is a very critical area of transition for a company and needs to be done very carefully to avoid any unfavourable effects arising out of it. Restructuring assignments require deep knowledge of statutory and legal positions - companies act, income tax act, stamp act as well as current business and economic conditions and various socio-economic factors.

    The teams of in-house experts and external associates is adept and experienced enough to ensure that any Corporate Restructuing process yields the desired positive impact in all respects. The Firm helps companies by providing valuable insights and advisory services for such Corporate Restructuring.

    The Firm has the requisite expertise to provide services in the following areas associated with corporate restructuring:

      Mergers, acquisitions and demergers.
      Reduction of Share Capital.
      Voluntary liquidation/liquidation and winding up of companies by the Court.
      Procedural formalities in relation to issue of ESOP and ESOS.
      Conversion of company from Private to Public and Public to Private.
      Drafting, Implementing and Assistance in Buyback scheme.
      Financial restructuring assistance.
      Preparing scheme of distribution of reserves.
      Assistance in business / company takeover matters – Private Companies and Public Companies.
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